Friday, April 23, 2010

Needing an Attitude Adjustment?

This transition from college to career is seeming to hit me a bit harder than the move from high school to college. I mean, my friends and I had a photo shoot on the Francis Quadrangle to commemorate our "last first day of school" as you can see below. So yes, we're being a bit sentimental and possibly a tad dramatic, to say the least.

Now don't get me wrong, the papers, projects, articles and busy work will not be missed. It is the opportunity to be surrounded by friends, and make priceless memories that are really getting to me. For that reason, I know this is a typical challenge for soon-to-be and even recent college grads and that it's nothing new with my generation!

Luckily, someone had the wisdom to remind me not to forget about the future ahead of me and I wanted to share that for others going through this, too.

Just because one amazing chapter is closing, doesn't mean the next page doesn't have as many equally or possibly more wonderful experiences waiting for us to enjoy. Change isn't always bad, which is something this stubborn girl forgets too often.

So here's to celebrating the "firsts!" Just today, I stopped in at my future office to pull together some cool agriculture facts for a project with a local radio station. As I started to save the document, I made my FIRST folder on the computer!

Sure, it's a corny thing to get excited over, but knowing how much I'm going to love this job just makes me get a little giddy. Okay, let's be real. I can't think about it without grinning from ear to ear! So for the job searchers out there, I want to remind you to seek opportunities you'll enjoy. Even if it's not the most glamorous or high paying role, my dad once told me, "It's easier to go home hungry at night when you love what you're doing all day."

Obviously food is essential (and let's not forget to thank a farmer for providing us with our daily needs). However, my dad's advice should be a reminder that living extravagantly with a job you hate sounds pretty darn miserable.

It's all about attitude, so start focusing on the positive because no one likes a pity party! That's a lesson that can help anyone, no matter their stage in the professional world!

Editor's note: Now, if my friend's advice was just a plea to get me to shut up with my whining about my last this-and-that, I'll never know. However, it's proof we've got to keep our ears open, because you never know when someone is about to tell you something you've been needing to hear :-)


  1. I really like your blog Whitney! great content, photos, etc..

  2. Lots of great tips on your blog, and you're a phenomenal writer! Hope you will continue writing in it :)