Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Job Interview Tip: Are you a People Person?

Like most over-connected and tech-savvy journalism students, I'm guilty using blogs and interesting news sites to help me procrastinate from crossing items off my to-do list. Let's face it, with graduation  around the senioritis is reaching higher levels than I could imagine!

A recent visit to Post Secret sparked an idea for this post, so it can't be all bad. Am I the only one who has called myself a "people person" in a job interview?

Here's what I've learned since doing so: Telling employers you are a people person won't cut it.

At least five recruiters have discussed this frustration with me during my time working in the CAFNR Career Services office. We have lots of interviews happening around our place, so it's a prime location for the gossip and insider tips these recruiters have to share.

As a young soon-to-be professional, I'm guilty of jumping on the buzz word wagon myself. I'll be the first to admit my addiction to cliches and over-used phrases, so I know how easy it is to toss around those popular terms we think employers love to hear. The scary thing is that in reality, they hate to hear those words.

BUT don't get me wrong! Employers certainly appreciate job seekers for their ability to play well with others. That's where creativity comes into play!

Our job now is to show them, rather than just rely on empty buzz words that make them cringe. The best approach to this is simply by taking a walk down memory lane. Just take some time to engage in an old fashioned brainstorming session to determine what experiences (specific ones) you've had that resulted in working well with others.

Think back to part-time jobs, internships, leadership roles, club involvement, and other interactions you've had with people. By prepping yourself with this refresher, you'll be able to briefly give specific examples in an interview that show a lot more of your personality than what the recruiter will get from hearing you say that buzz word that shoots up a red flag in their minds!

Have your own advice to share? Tell us about it here!

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