Sunday, November 14, 2010

Find a Job you Love

I started this blog in hopes of writing about my transition from college girl to career woman. Well, I'm five months into my full-time role and obviously haven't spent much of my free time on a personal blog. With some encouragement from my friend Anna-Lisa, who was so nice to give a shout-out to girls like me in a recent blog post, I felt the need to get back in the blogging saddle again!

So now I'm promising to blog weekly with insight and lessons I'm learning along the way, starting with a timely post for my soon-to-be graduate friends! Last spring, I blogged about the power of passion. I've since read posts from bloggers who are frustrated by the overused "passion" cliche.

I know passion isn't the sole ingredient to career success, which is why developing real skills is so critical for making progress in a career. Some of those skills include the ability to prioritize, provide solutions, balancing multiple projects, managing time and meeting deadlines, just to name a few.

However, after spending only 20 weeks in the workforce I can tell you my experience has relied on both my skills and passion alike. You see, it's Sunday afternoon and between watching the Chiefs play (hopefully they show up to the game sometime soon) and writing my personal blog, I've got a few things to work on for my job! My motivation to work on projects after the office is closed and on weekends is a direct product of the passion I have for the job I love. So as you're searching for your perfect post-graduation position, don't forget to pursue the jobs that will make you happy and leave you fulfilled when the day is done.

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