Friday, March 12, 2010

Start the Countdown!

It's official. In just over 1,500 hours I'll be walking across the stage at a commencement ceremony ending what I've come to know as the greatest four years in my life this far.

I'm sure if you asked my parents, they'd say the countdown to graduation started in August of 2006 when I started my college career. After all the bills for tuition, books, rent, groceries, nights out, concert tickets, Mizzou apparel, and parking tickets (yes, plenty of those), my dad has declared he's excited to have me off his payroll and onto the payroll of someone else.

No matter the costs associated with the experience, the education and experiences are enough to last me a lifetime. As the saying goes, college truly has been the time of my life.

Now, I'm just nine weeks and one day away from becoming an official college alum and it's starting to sink in. Join me as I learn lessons about myself and others in this transition from life of the party to life at work.

This all sounds like a roller coaster if you ask me. I'm hoping this will be a way to share the ups and downs of this new transition and even get some insight from others who are in my shoes. Whether your prefer heels or flats, moccasins or cowboy boots, tennis shoes or flip-flops, join me in the journey from college campus to office workroom!

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